Unemployed Youth in West Bengal- BSKP- a Scheme by WB Govt. for Unemployed Youth

Unemployed Youth in West Bengal : India’s unemployment problem is one of the major problems this developing country is dealing with at the present time of economic boom and with such a vast population and rich of human resources. It has been a struggle for India to not be able to use the man-power ineffective way and make the human resource one of the strength of India which plays a vital role in building up of the Indian economy become a weakness as there are not enough jobs created for vitalizing the human resource available to the country to make the rapid economic growth needed for the country. One of the States this article is focused on is West Bengal where the unemployment rate is high compared to the rate of the unemployment prevailing in the Indian context.

Only this year 2.5 million people competed for a job where the vacancy was there for only 6000 people. The graduates also have campus recruitment like GNA University, Jadavpur, Vidyasagaruniversityetc are offering placements but still. According to a statistic report by Fifth- Employment Unemployment Survey Report states 13.9% of people with postgraduate degrees, and 9.8% of people who are done with undergraduate studies are also unemployed in West Bengal, It just makes you wonder about the uneducated lot in the state. The government organizes various exams like NEET 2018, UPSC 2018, etc. and there are also exams from the state for recruitment of people in various state government job as well

Though Unemployment in the state is 4.9%much better than the national average, But, 34.5% of West Bengal’s Population have a monthly household income of less than Rs. 5000, Second only to Madhya Pradesh, where 35.8% of the population lives on less than Rs. 5000 a month. It can be seen that the situation in West Bengal in terms of unemployment is not really doing well but situation is not much different in any other state as well The biggest cause for concern this year is that while the state will be able to only employ just 4.49 lakh, the youths coming out of higher education institutes from West Bengal is 11 lakh. Hence, the state will not be able to provide jobs for rest 6.51 lakh educated individuals unless they are trained in additional skills apart from their field.

Looking at the problems of unemployment, West Bengal government has launched a scheme for unemployed youth BSKP [Bangla SwanirbharKarmasansthanPrakalpa] to create self-employment by promoting the small businesses, startups, manufacturing, trade, etc. through providing loans to them. Both urban and rural area are covered under this scheme, an eligible youth can avail this opportunity.

Creating jobs for lakhs of educated Bengali people is a very hard task for the Mamata led government which is putting on a lot of efforts to attract investments and industries in West Bengal. However, CM Mamata Banerjee has taken up this critical issue of unemployment as one of the major areas to focus and resolve as part of her tenure of governance. The state currently ranks at number 18 in order of unemployment rate among all the other Indian states and has a very growing job market which can produce more employment.


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