Trisha’s Controversial Explanation About Rana Daggubati


Tollywood macho Rana Daggubati is famed with the India’s biggest motion picture ‘Baahubali’. In the movie Rana plays an antagonist role and this role attracts everyone. But here is the latest news about masculine hunk Rana. South Indian traditional beauty Trisha Krishnan is controversially commented on Rana. Everyone was excited for these comments.

Earlier, Rana Daggubati and Trisha Krishnan are more than just friends and everyone knows this fact. They were in deep love couple of years ago. Rumours are wandering on Rana and Trisha’s marriage but unfortunately they broke up their love and moved separately from each other.

Trisha breaks up her love with Rana and she reportedly went to get engaged to Varun Manian, which damaged their relation all the more.



According to reports, Trisha came out something newly and that new way surprised many members. Trisha reportedly said that “Rana Daggubati was a male friend and nothing else between me and Rana.”

Trisha often responds to Rana on Twitter, but ask her about it and she questions back saying what is so unusual about that.

She says that she responds to most of her male co-stars on Twitter.

When Trisha broke of her engagement with Varun Manian it was in Rana’s arms that she found comfort in.

The duo were very much a couple before this engagement, they broke off and gathered away. When Trisha and Varun parted ways, Rana stepped in and gave company to his lady love.

It’s hard to believe that Rana is just a friend and everything stops at that. If so why did Trisha unfriend Rana on the social networking site. Just friends seldom do that…


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