Telugu Student commits suicide in US


Siva Kiran, a Telugu student who went to America to study the MS in North Carolina State University commits suicide in University Campus Hostel. Sivakiran family lives in Indiranagar, Ramanthapur area Hyderabad Telangana State.




Most Indian students in US are facing tough times. The US authorities have been harsh on them and are turning them away. The latest is that even those employed in the US on H1B Visa are being sent back.

The immigration authorities were virtually targeting Telugu – Speaking students for whatever reasons. The reasons being given are that the students are giving inappropriate answers to the immigration questions, not being able to show adequate funds for US studies, taking up part-time jobs, certain universities as being ineligible to admit foreign students and so on.

As per the latest reports, Siva kiran completed IIT in India and moved to US for higher studies one year ago. Shivakaran commits suicide because he didn’t get the expected rank. However, this needs yet to be confirmed from his parents. His parents was so depressed by his son sudden dead.

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