RRB Non-Technical Exam 2016 asked Questions with Answers and Analysis

RRB Non-Technical exam answers and analysis:

Railway Recruitment Board conducting Non-Technical exam from 28th March 2016 and it will be over by the next month. Questions asked in this exam are related to the subjects like Science, history, polity, geography, computers, current affairs, sports, miscellaneous. Most of the questions are asked from science this time.

RRB Non-Technical Exam 2016

1st shift 28-03-2016

·          How many moons does Mars have? – 2(Phobos and Deimos)

·          The Production of Grapes is known as – Viticulture

·          Marsh Gas contains which gas – Methane

·          Name of 1st satellite on space – Sputnik 1

·          Who discovered Penicillin? – Alexander Fleming

·          What is the chemical name of Salt Peter? – Potassium Nitrate

2nd Shift 28-03-2016

·          Ethanol is obtained from – Starch or sugar based feed stocks and cereals

·          Smallest planet – Mercury

·          Group of Dolphin is called – School or Pod

·          Polio Vaccine was developed by – Jonas Edward Salk

·          Name of the instrument used to detect objects under water – SONAR

·          Name of the Dog who first went into space – Laika

·          Who is known as the Father of Space Research in India – Vikram Sarabhai

·          Study of Birds is called – Ornithology

·          2nd most abundant element found on earth – Silicon (In Universe, 2nd most abundant – Helium)

·          SI Unit of electric charge – Coulomb

·          Which planet has the moon called Ganymede – Jupiter

·          What is the full form of PSLV – Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

·          What is the full form of AQI – Air Quality Index

·          Which index is used for body weight measurement? – BMI [Body Mass Index]

3rd shift 28-03-2016

·          Blood of octopus is of which color? – Blue

1st shift 29-03-2016

·          Smallest Bone in Human Body – Stapes (in the middle year)

·          Organ that can grow and regenerate – Liver

·          Greenhouse Gases – Water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone.

·          Brightest star in sky – Sirius A

·          Pollination by wind is called – Anemophily

·          Where in the human body can you find islets of Langerhans – Pancreas

·          What did Edward Jenner Pioneer – Vaccination

·          Gold is also known as – Aurum

2nd shift 29-03-206

·          What is the full form of RADAR – Radio Detection and Ranging

·          What is the full form of DPT – Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus

·          Zika Virus is spread by – Aedes mosquito

·          What is the full form of SPM – Suspended Particulate Matter

·          What is the chemical name of Baking Soda – Sodium Bicarbonate

·          Chandrasekhar Limit is applied to – maximum mass of a stable white dwarf star

·          Tomato is vegetable or Fruit – Fruit

3rd shift 29-03-2016

·          Name of the mission to be sent to study sun in 2019-2020 – Aditya

·          Akash missile is – surface to air missile

·          Osteoporosis is related to which organ – Bones

·          The pressure in Aero plane is – Less than Atmospheric Pressure

1st Shift 30-03-2016

·          Study of cancer is known as – Oncology

·          What is added to LPG to detect leakage – Ethyl Mercaptan [Sulphur Compound]

2nd shift 30-03-2016

·          What is the name of the virus that causes chicken pox – Varicella Zoster Virus

·          Chemotherapy is used for the treatment of – Cancer

·          At which decibel the human ear causes pain and loss of hearing – 80 DB and more

3rd shift 30-03-2016

·          Percentage of Nitrogen in atmosphere – 78%

·          Paracetamol is analgesic/ antipyretic or both – both

1st shift 31-03-2016

·          Water droplets cause rainbow due to – Reflection, Refraction and Dispersion

·          NFC is based on RFID (radio Frequency Identification)

·          Larynx is also called – Voice Box

·          Dialysis is treatment of – Kidneys

2nd shift 31-03-2016

·          Study of life outside Earth i.e. on other planets – Exobiology

·          A disease where person can see only nearby objects – Myopia

·          AC to DC conversion is done by – Rectifier

·          Blue light turns black in red color because of – Dispersion of light

·          Bleaching powder is mostly found in – Calcium Oxichloride

·          Study of earth is called – Geology

·          Zika virus is caused by – Aedes Mosquito

3rd shift 31-03-2016

·          Study of the shape and fundamental properties of the earth – Geodesy

·          Study of Fungi is called – Mycology

·          When was Einstein’s relative mass theory given – 1905

·          Where is involuntary Muscles found – Inside walls of internal organs

·          When was the theory of relativity proposed – in 1915

·          What is melioidosis – Disease caused by bacteria

1st shift 02-04-2016

·          X-Rays was discovered by – Wilhelm Roentgen

·          Periodic table of elements was invented by – Dmitri Mendeleev

·          The image formed on the retina of human eyes is – Real and Inverted

·          If we double the resistance of wire, the effect on voltage would be – voltage would decrease

2nd shift 02-04-2016

·          Air conditioner was invented by – Willis Carrier

·          World’s first space tourist – Dennis Tito

·          Which was first geostationary satellite launched in India – Ariane passenger Payload Experiment (Apple) in 1981

·          Father of Indian Space Programmes – Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

·          What is the molecular formula of sugar – C12H2201

·          Which color has least wavelength – Violet

·          Kidney stone is caused by – Calcium Oxalate

·          How many taste buds are present in tongue – 5 [repeated]

·          How many bones a infant baby have – Around 300

3rd and 4th April

·          Which was the first planet discovered by humans – Uranus

·          Average weight of brain – About 3 pounds

·          What type of acid is present in grapes – tartar acid

·          Which is the nearest galaxy to Milk way – Andromeda

·          Number of muscles used for eye ball – 6 Muscles

·          Papaya is yellow in color due to the accumulation of – Lycopene

·          DNA stands for – Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid

·          Thermostat is a device in ovens which help to maintain a temperature by – Regulating flow of heat

·          What is oneirology – Scientific study of dreams

·          Which vitamin responsible for blood clotting – vitamin k

·          Father of experimental psychology – Wilhelm Wundt

·          Alfred Nobel Discovered – Dynamite

All shifts on 05-04-2016

·          Infrared waves are what type of wave – Electromagnetic

·          What is the length of digestive system – up to 30 feet in adults

·          Name a substance which is not a good conductor of electricity – wood

·          Epidemiology is study of – Study of the distribution and determinants of health related states

·          Pitchblende is related to which element – Uranium

·          Bones around chest are – rib cage

·          What is toxicology – Study of adverse effects of chemicals on living bodies.

·          Law of inertia was given by – Sit Issac Newton

·          What is the range of Ultra sound frequency – 18-22 KHz

·          Which substance is mostly used in making bombs – Potassium Nitrate

·          Color blindness is a (Genetic Disease, non-genetic disease, caused due to exposure to light, occurs randomly) – Genetic

·          Stainless steel is a (compound, mixture, alloy, element) – Alloy

·          When we move up in an elevator what happens to oue weight (increases, decreases, remains same, nothing happens) – Increases

·          Which of the following is not a good conductor of electricity (porcelain, aluminium, Nickel, Tungsten) – Porcelain


1st shift 28-03-2016

·          What was the name of the horse of Maharana Pratap – Chetak

·          Aruna Asif Ali hoisted the Indian National Congress flag during which moment – Quit India Moment

·          The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed on the Emblem of India is taken from – Mundak Upadnishad

·          Rowlatt Act was passed in the year – 1919

·          Konark temple was made under the rule of – King Narasimhadeva I

·          Who gave the slogan ‘Do or Die – Mahatma Gandhi

·          Swami Vivekananda delivered his speech in ‘World Religion Conference’ in the year – 1893 in Chicago City

2nd Shift 28-03-2016

·          Ajanta and Ellora caves are located in which state – Maharashtra

·          First Governor General of Free India – Lord Mountbatten

·          Buddha attained enlightenment at – Bodh Gaya, Bihar

·          Ashoka was the Successor of – Bindusara

3rd shift 28-03-2016

·          Chanakya was also known as – Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta

·          Elephanta Caves are situated in – Raigad District of Maharashtra

·          Who was the founder of Brahmo samaj – Raja Ram Mohan Rai

1st shift 29-03-2016

·          Who was the Last Mughal Emperor – Bahadur Shah Zafar

·          Quit India Movement started on – 8 August 1942

·          Who was the Father of Subhas Chandra Bose?- Janakinath Bose

·          Who is known as The Frontier Gandhi? – Khan Abdul Gaffar khan

·          Which Revolutionary took his own life? – Chandra Shekhar Azad

·          Who wrote the National Song – Bankim Chandra Chatterjee [Vande Mataram]

·          Which Naval King used Naval Power to Conquer Part of East Asia? – Chola.

2nd shift 29-03-2016

·          Berlin Wall was demolished in which year? – 1989

·          Kamarup Kingdom is in which state? – Assam

·          Bhimbetka Caves are approximately how many years old? – 30,000 years old

3rd shift 29-03-2016

·          Who was the First Lady President of the Indian National Congress? – Annie Besant

1st shift 30-03-2016

·          Western Education was introduced by which Freedom Fighter? – Raja Ram Mohan Roy

·          Shimla Agreement 1972 was signed between – Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

·          Young India Weekly Journal was started by – Gandhiji

2nd shift 30-03-2016

·          Bhagat Singh was executed in the year – 1931

·          Indian National Flag was designed by – Pingali Venkaiyya

3rd shift 30-03-2016

·          Gandhi – Irwin Pact was signed on – 5th March 1931

·          Shimla Agreement was signed in the year – 1972

1st shift 31-03-2016

·          Who was the Mentor of Mahatma Gandhi? – Gopal Krishna Gokhale

·          Partition of Bengal in 1905 was done by – Lord Curzon

2nd Shift 31-03-2016

·          Triratna is related to – Buddhism

·          Who is trio of LAL -BAL -PAL? – Lala Lajpat Rai, Balgangadhar Tilak and Bipin Chandra Pal

·          Who was the founder of Slave dynasty? – Qutub-ud-din Aibak

3rd shift 31-03-2016

·          Brihadeshwara temple is mostly made of – Granite

·          Brhatsamhita was written by? – Saint Varahamihira

1st shift 02-04-2016

·          Who designed the building of the Indian Parliament? – Sir Edwin Lutyens

·          The king Ashoka belonged to which dynasty? – Maurya dynasty

·          Jallianwala Bagh Massacre took place in which year? – 1919

2nd shift 02-04-2016

·          Who is the First President of INC? – W.C. Bonnerjee

·          Mughal dynasty was established by? – Babar

3rd and 4th april

·          Who built Jantar Mantar in Delhi? – Maharaja Jai Singh

·          Battle of Plassey war was fought on which river – Bhagirathi river 1757

·          When was Indian National Congress formed – December 28, 1885

·          What is the foundation year of Arunachal Pradesh – 1987

·          Fatehpur Sikri made by – Akbar

·          Servants of India Society founded by – Gopal Krishna Gokhale

All shifts 05-04-2016

·          Vasco Da Gama arrived at India in which coast- Malabar Coast

·          Swaraj Party formed by (Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Motilal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and more option)-Motilal Nehru

·          India came under direct control of British in which year-1858

·          In which year the first Indo-Pakistan war took place- 1965

·          Which language was used by Mughal emperors in that period (Persian, Urdu, Bengali and one more option)-Persian

·          Dadabhai Naoroji worked as a professor in which university – University of London


1st shift 28-03-2016

·          The First Amendment of the Constitution of India was enacted in – 1951

·          Panchayati Raj System was established on the recommendations of – Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Report 1957

·          Political Parties got the Constitutional recognition for the first time in – 1985

·          The Voting age was reduced from 21 years to 18 years, by which Constitutional Amendment Act – 61st Amendment act

·          President Rule under Article 356 was imposed for the first time in which state? – In the State of Patiala and East Punjab States union (PEPSU)

·          Which number of Lok Sabha was formed during 2014 election? – 16th Lok Sabha

2nd Shift 28-03-2016

·          Number of Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens – 11

·          DMK Party was founded by – M. G. Ramachandran

·          Who was the First Lok Sabha Speaker – Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar

·          Minimum age to be a Member of Lok Sabha – 25 Year

2nd shift 29-03-2016

·          Who gives oath to the President? – Chief Justice of India

·          What is the Retirement Age of Chief Justice of India – 65 Years

1st shift 30-03-2016

·          Members of Rajya Sabha are elected by? – Elected members of State Legislative Assemblies

2nd shift 30-03-2016

·          1 Rupee Note bears the Signature of – Finance Secretary

·          1st women President of INC post-independence – Indira Gandhi

3rd shift 30-03-2016

·          Who was the first deputy Prime Minister of India? – Sardar Vallabhai Patel

1st shift 31-03-2016

·          Who was the 1st Women CM of any Indian State? – Suchetra Kriplani

·          Who was the 1st Home Minister of India? – Sardar Patel

·          Who appoints Governor of State? – President

2nd shift 31-03-2016

·          Legislative Powers are vested with – The Parliament

·          Who is elected on the basis of Proportional Representation? – President

1st shift 02-04-2016

·          What is minimum age required to become PM of nation? – 25 years

·          Emergency Provisions of our Constitution have been borrowed from – Germany

2nd shift 02-04-2016

·          National song of India was composed by? – Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

·          What is tri colour ratio of Indian National Flag? – Width : Length = 2:3

3rd and 4th April

·          Who composed the National Pledge? – Pydimarri Venkata Subba Rao

·          Main Source of Indian Constitution – Government of India Act 1935

·          Tashkent Agreement between India and Pakistan was signed in which year-1966


Most questions from Indian Geography, though not much asked from this section.

1st shift 28-03-2016

·          Kuchipudi belongs to which state? – Andhra Pradesh

·          Smallest Continent of the World – Australia

·          Which river is known as the Sorrow of Bengal – Damodar River

·          Oldest Dam of India – Kallanai Dam, also known as Grand Anicut.

2nd shift 28-03-2016

·          Largest country, in terms of land Area – Canada

3rd shift 28-03-2016

·          Cuvery River originates from – Kodagu in the Western Ghats in Karnataka

·          Keoladeo Ghana National Park was formerly known as – Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or Bharatpur National Park

1st shift 29-03-2016

·          Kunchilal Waterfalls is located in which State? – Karnataka

·          Largest Non Polar desert in the World – Sahara

·          Island of Seychelles is located in – Mahe/Indian Ocean

·          Deep crack in Glacier is known as – Crevasse

·          Granite is an example of which type of rock – Ig.neous

·          Largest Freshwater Lake in the World – Lake Superior in North America

2nd shift 29-03-2016

·          Suez Canal is situated in – Egypt

·          Which River flows through Karnataka & Tamil Nadu? – Kaveri

·          Lemurs are found in – Lemurs are primates found only on the African island of Madagascar

3rd shift 29-03-2016

·          2nd Longest River of India – Godavari

·          World Heritage Site Bhimbetka, MP is famous for? – Rock Shelter

2nd shift 30-03-2016

·          What is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh? – Itanagar

·          Which River is called the Ganga of South India – Godavari

3rd shift 30-03-2016

·          What is NAMAMI Ganga? – An initiative to purify Ganga River

1st shift 31-03-2016

·          Major Tea Producing state of India – West Bengal and Assam

·          Most Widespread Forest in India – Tropical Deciduous Forests

2nd shift 31-03-2016

·          Hirakud Dam is on the river – River Mahanadi

3rd shift 31-03-2016

·          What Is English Ivy? – A flowering Plant found mostly in Europe and Western Asia

·          Lord Venkateswara Temple Situated at Which Hills? – Sheshadri

·          The common language used in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka? – Tamil

·          What is the highest point of the Aravalli Range? – Guru Shikar

·          Sanskrit is spoken in which villages of India? – Mattur and Hosahalli, Karnataka

·          Tirumala Temple is the part of which mountain series? – Venkatadri

2nd shift 02-04-2016

·          Where is the White desert in India? – Rann of Kuch desert

·          Oldest oil reserves in India? – Digboi

3rd and 4th April

·          Tributary of Indus river – Jhelum.

·          What do the terms Geocentric and Heliocentric refer to? – Earth centered, Sun centered.

·          The purple frontier, the Earth dragon and the outer fortresses, all refer to? – Great wall of china.

·          What is the Laccadive Sea otherwise known as? – Arabian Sea.

·          Where is shore temple located? – Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu.

·          Which crop is produced at highest quantity in India? – Rice.

·          Mica is abundant in which state of India? – Jharkhand.

·          Longest river in India which do not fall in sea? – Yamuna.

·          Chipko movement started from which State in India? – Uttarakhand.

·          Second highest peak of world?  – K2 / Qogir /Godwin Austen

·          Panipat refinery belongs to which state- Haryana

·          Which river doesn’t flow into the Arabian sea (Mahanadi, Mahi, Tapi, Periyar)-Mahanadi

·          Where is the Statue of Liberty located- New York

·          Euro is the currency of (Eurozone, UK, Sweden, Denmark)-Eurozone

·          Bangladesh shares a border with (only India, India & China, India & Myanmar, India & Pakistan)-India & Myanmar

·          Hoolock gibbon species are found in which states- North East States


Very Basic questions were asked. Limited questions 3-4 in each Shift.

1st shift 29-03-2016

·          Technology used in Compact Disks(CD’s) – Electromagnetic

·          Punchcard is also called – Hollerith Card

·          Jimmy wales & Larry Sanger related with? – Wikipedia

1st shift 30-03-2016

·          What is the Full form of BIOS? – Basic Input Output System

·          Money Transfer through Mobile is called- IMPS(Immediate Payment Service)

2nd shift 30-03-2016

·          Which one is not search engine? (Yahoo, Google, Flipkart, Baidu) – Flipkart

·          Computer key used to open Help Menu – F1 Button

·          MS Officer is a – Application Software

3rd shift 30-03-2016

·          What is the Full Form of ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange

·          Pick odd one out? (Monitor/keyboard/mouse/webcam) – Monitor

·          Shortcut for Making the Browser go Full Screen – F11

·          Odd man out? (malware, phishing , ransom ware , spam) – Spam

1st shift 31-03-2016

·          Web Pages are written using which Language? – HTML

·          Captcha is used for – Human Detection

2nd shift 31-03-2016

·          Total Number of Columns in Excel 2003 – 256

·          1 gigabyte is equal to how many bytes? – One Billion bytes

3rd and 4th April

·          World Wide Web was invented by? – Tim Berners lee

·          UPS Full Form? – Uninterruptible Power Supply

All shifts 05-04-2016

·          Find the odd one out? (Yahoo.com, Facebook.com, Whatsapp and one more option)-Whatsapp

·          1st Indian supercomputer- PARAM 8000

·          CTRL+Z is used for-To undo

·          Device used for file transfer and communication in short distance- Bluetooth

·          Which device would you use to connect to internet wirelesly- Router

·          1024 GB is equal to- 1 Terabyte

·          Compiler is (hardware, software, neither and one more option)-Software

·          PDF full form- Portable Document Format


1st shift 28-03-2016

·          Khurda Road division,Odisha of the East Coast Railway (ECoR) has set a target to install bio-toilets in 2,000 train coaches during 2016-17 as part of – Swacch Bharat Mission

·          2015 UN Climate Change meeting was held in – Paris

3rd shift 28-03-2016

·          Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2015 – Shashi kapoor

·          Current Chief Justice of India [March 2016]- T.S. Thakur

·          Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film 2015 – Big Hero 6

2nd shift 29-03-2016

·          2015 TIme Person of the Year – German Chancellor Angela Merkel

3rd shift 29-03-2016

·          Who has declared ‘Cow’ as Personality of the Year 2015? – Yahoo India

·          Who was the Chief Guest of Republic Day Parade 2016 – Francois Hollande

1st shift 30-03-2016

·          CK Naidu Lifetime Achievement award 2015 – Syed Kirmani

2nd shift 30-03-2016

·          Which States have achieved 100% Financial inclusion under PMJDY? – UP, Goa & Kerala

·          What is the extended date for returning of pre-dated notes of 2005? – 30th June, 2016

3rd shift 30-03-2016

·          Who is the CEO of Google? – Sundar Pichai

1st shift 31-03-2016

·          Crop Insurance Scheme comes under- (PMFBY) Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojan

2nd shift 31-03-2016

·          Target year of Swach Bharat Abhiyan Mission? – 2019

All shifts 3rd and 4th April

·          What is the name of the parent company of Google, formed on 2nd October 2015? – Alphabet Inc

·          Which two Indian cities, were added to the creative city network of UNESCO in Dec 2015 – Varanasi & Jaipur

·          Who was named as the cultural ambassador of Seychelles in October 2015? – AR Rahman

·          Cleanest City of India – Mysuru

·          Most Peaceful country according to 2015 peace index? – Iceland

All shifts 05-04-2016

·          Rank of India in Human Development Index -130

·          Where was COP21 summit held – Paris, France

·          Who visited India in 2015 – Japan PM Shinzo Abe

·          Around which river have coal mines recently been in the news (Godavari, Mahi, Damodar and one more option) – Damodar

·          Name the soldier who was martyred in Siachen avalanche – Lance Naik Hanumantha

·          How many gold medals did India got in 12th South Asian Games – 188

·          Satellite ASTROSAT was first launched in – Sept. 28, 2015

·          How many world heritage sites have been identified by UNESCO in India – 32

·          Bio Diesel Locomotive is coming in which Railway Zone – Hubli Division

·          What is the full form of ISI – Inter Services Intelligence


1st shift 28-03-2016

·          Karnam Malleswari related to which game? – Weightlifting

·          First International Cricket Match was played between – Australia & England

·          Which boxer is known as ‘Real Deal’? – Evander Holyfield

·          Who was the man of the series in 2011 cricket world cup -Yuvraj Singh

·          Who is the anti-corruption member in ICC from India-Rahul Dravid

·          Which team recently won the Under 19 Cricket T20 World Cup-West Indies

2nd shift 28-03-2016

·          Venue of Winter Olympics 2018 – PyeongChang, South Korea

·          First Hockey Player to be awarded Padma Shri – Balbir Singh Dosanjh

·          First Indian Lady to Win GOLD in Asian Games – Kamaljeet Sandhu (Athlete)

·          Winner of French Open 2015 – Stan Wawrinka (Men), Serena Williams (Women)

·          How many players are there in each team of Kho Kho – 9 each

3rd 28-03-2016

·          Thomas Cup is related to which Sport? – Badminton

·          Dronacharya Award 2015 – Singh nihar Ameen, Naval Singh, Harbans singh, Swatantar Raj, Anup singh

1st shift 29-03-2016

·          ‘Tee’ is associated with which Sports – Golf

·          Queen Berry Rules are applicable in which game? – Modern Boxing

·          The Country that has won the most number of Football World Cup Titles – Brazil [5 times]

2nd shift 29-03-2016

·          Most Tennis Grand Slam Winner (Male) – Roger Federer [& Female – Margaret Court]

·          Who has won the maximum number of GOLD in Olympics? – Michael Phelps

3rd shift 29-03-2016

·          2015 World Cup was hosted by – Australia & New Zealand

·          The first Indian to win a medal in Badminton at the Olympics – Saina Nehwal

1st shift 30-03-2016

·          Venue of Cricket World Cup 2019 – England & Wale

·          .Who won the Hockey League 2016 – Punjab Warriors

·          Who won ISL Championship 2015 – Chennaiyan FC

·          Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2015 – Sania Mirza.

2nd shift 30-03-2016

·          Commonwealth game was held for the first time in India in which year? – 2010

·          Who was the First woman to win Gold medal in Olympics Boxing? – Nicola Adams

3rd shift 30-03-2016

·          Sachin’s 1st Test Match in 1989 was against which country? – Pakistan

·          First Olympic Games was held in which country?  Athens, Greece

·          World Cup Cricket 2023 will be hosted in – India

1st shift 31-03-2016

·          Cricketer to hit 6 sixes in an over in T20 – Yuvraj Singh

·          Asian Games were held in India for the 1st time in the year – 1951

·          Venue of FIFA World Cup 2018 – Russia

·          Winner of Badminton Common Wealth Games 2014, Glasgow – Parupalli Kashyap

2nd shift 31-03-2016

·          What are the number of players in each side of a Volleyball game – 6

·          Virat Kohli was awarded Arjun Award in the year – 2013

3rd shift 31-03-2106

·          2022 Winter Olympic would be held in – Beijing

1st shift 02-04-2016

·          In which Olympic year did women participated in all events for first time? – 2012 London Olympics

·          The term “Wood shot/Hairpin shot” is associated with which sport? – Badminton

·          Host of 2019 Rugby World Cup – Japan

2nd shift 02-04-2016

·          Height of badminton net above ground level – 1.524 meter

·          Tennis is played on which surface? – Hard, Grass and Clay courts

3rd and 4th April

·          Number of Players in Polo – 4What is the national game of China? – Table Tennis

·          What was the first football player from the Indian Sub continent to play for a European Club? –Mohammed Saleem

·          Davis Cup 2015 Winner – Andy Murray

·          Who got Olympic quota in wrestling in 2015? – Narsingh Yadav

·          Modern Olympic 1896 held in which city? – Athens,Greece

·          Sajan Prakash is related to – Swimming

·          Rugby 2015 Winner – Australia

·          IPTL Full Form? – International Premier Tennis League


Questions like Country, Capital, Currency, days, Books & Authors, Headquarters of Organizations are asked in plenty.

1st shift 28-03-2016

·          World TB Day Observed on – 24 March

·          Golden temple of dambulla is present in? – Sri Lanka

·          Capital of Cyprus is – Nicosia

·          Mrinalini Sarabai is related with – Dance

2nd shift 28-03-2016

·          Capital of Denmark – Copenhagen

·          Yoga Day is celebrated on  – June 21

·          Burma Celebrates it’s Independence day on – 4th January

·          Rabindranath Tagore was awarded The Nobel Prize in the year – 1913

·          Reuters Newsagency is based in which country – United Kingdom

·          Male with most number of oscars – Jack Nicholson [& Female – Katharine Hepburn]

·          Which country gifted the Statue of liberty to usa? – France

3rd shift 28-03-2016

·          Miss Universe 2014 – Palunana vega (Colombia)

·          Currency of saudi Arabia is – Rial

·          Father of Rabindranath Tagore – Debendranath Tagore

·          Titanic Ship belonged to which Country – United Kingdom

·          Indian Institute of Science is situated in – Bangalore

·          Real is a currency of which country – Brazil

·          The Headquarter of ONGC is situated in – Dehradun, Uttarakhand

1st shift 29-03-2016

·          Environment Day is Observed on – June 5

·          What is the Currency of Thailand  – Thai Baht

·          Paper was invented in which Country – China

·          Headquarters of UNESCO is in – Paris

·          Headquarters of Interpol in – Lyon, France

·          Who is the Author of the Book ‘A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact’ – George Gheverghese Joseph

·          Mangalyaan was launched from – Sriharikota

·          What is the official Language of Brazil – Portuguese

2nd shift 29-03-2016

·          What is Umami? – One of the five basic tastes of Tongue

·          Oscar Winning Director from India – Satyajit Ray

·          Who is known as the Father of Geometry? – Euclid

·          Which is the Tallest Building in the World? – Burj Khalifa

3rd shift 29-03-2016

·          World Tobacco day is Observed on  – May 31

·          Who is known as Bismarck of India? – Sardar Vallabhai Patel

·          Kailash Satyarthi & Malala Yousafzai won Nobel Prize in the year – 2014

·          Mission on Mars was launched in which Year – 5 Nov 2013

·          RTI was implemented in which year – 2005

·          When was the Rupee symbol adopted? – Officially adopted in 2010, while launched on 8 July 2011

·          What was the Name of the Operation in Kargil War between India & Pakistan? – Operation Vijay

1st shift 30-03-2016

·          Which PM’s name can be seen on Indian Currency Notes? – Manmohan Singh( as he was RBI Governor in years 82-85)

·          What is the Capital of J&K in Summer? – Srinagar

·          What is the Full form of IFSC – Indian Financial System Code

·          Good Governance Day is Observed on – 25th December

·          Constitution Day is observed on – 26th November

·          Indian coins now-a-days are made up of? – Ferritic Stainless steel

·          The exercise “meghdoot” was conducted by Indian Army at which place – Siachen Glacier

·          Leh Headquarter of UNO is situated at – New York

·          Head Quarter of National Space Society – Washington DC

·          Yogini cult has its origin from which state? – Odisha

2nd shift 30-03-2016

·          The Book ‘Wings of Fire’ is authored by – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

·          How many language are written behind the Indian Note? – 15 Languages

·          Jallikattu is a famous sport of which state? – Tamil Nadu

·          RBI Currency note is made of which material? – Cotton and Cotton rags

·          Audiophones was invented in 1910 by – Nathaniel Baldwin

·          The LOC between India and Pakistan was constructed in the year – 1972

3rd shift 30-03-2016

·          First bank of India? – Bank of Hindustan

·          Cheque is Valid for how many months? – 3 Months

·          National Science Day is observed on – 28th Feb

·          Head Quarter of ISRO – Bangalore

·          After 9/11 Attack, World Trade Organization renamed – One World Trade Center

·          Rupee symbol is in which Language? – Devanagari

1st shift 31-03-2016

·          Rashtriya Ekta Diwas is Celebrated on – 31st October

·          Which Heritage Site was given Status by UNESCO in 1985? – Kaziranga National Park

·          Bin Laden was killed in which town of Pakistan? – Abottabad [useless question, now they want to glorify terrorists]

·          1 Rupee and 2 Rupee coins are made up of – Ferritic Steel [Repeated]

·          Odd man out? (Buland Darwaza , Gateway of India , Agra Fort ,Jodhabai palace) – Gateway of India

·          NASA is located at – Washington DC

·          India’s Central Banking & Monetary Authority – RBI

·          Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is in – Tamil Nadu.Chandrayan-1 was launced in the year – 2008

·          Young crocodiles are called – Hatchlings.

2nd shift 31-03-2016

·          Bangladesh got its Constitution on – 16 December 1972

3rd shift 31-03-2016

·          Pravasi Bhartiya divas is celebrated on – January 9

·          Terracotta Army is found in which Country – China

·          Who is Chanda Kochar – MD and CEO of ICICI Bank

·          “Life on My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power” is an autobiography of – Sharad Pawar

·          Who quoted the statement: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow” – Mahatma Gandhi

1st shift 02-04-2016

·          The country which got Independence in 2011 – South Sudan

·          What is the Capital Of Gujarat – Gandhi nagar

·          What is the Currency of Korea – South Korean Won

·          Which creature lives without water for 10 years – Kangaroo Rat

·          First Man who reached Outer Space – Yuri Gagrin

·          Sri Lanka got Independence in the year – 1948.Cultivation of saffron is done in which state – Jammu and Kashmir.

2nd shift 02-04-2016

·          Which monument was built to commemorate the eradication of plague – Charminar

·          Who introduced Orthodox Christianity in Russia – Vladimir

·          Who is the First woman President of Pakistan – Dr. Fehmida Mirza

3rd and 4th April

·          When was India declared polio-free by WHO – 2014

·          South African Currency – Rand

·          Who was the First woman doctor in world – Elizabeth Blackwell

·          1st U.S president to attend republic day parade in India – Barack Obama

·          Which Country invented Pencil – Switzerland

·          Who wrote “The autobiography of an unknown India” – Nirad C. Chaudhuri

·          Who is popularly known as the father of white revolution in India – Verghese Kurien

·          The first Nobel prize for medicine was given for the invention of vaccine of which disease – Diphtheria

·          Indian National Army was formed by – Captain Mohan Singh

·          Sikkim was formed in the year – 1975

·          What was the name of the 1998 Pokharan test – Operation Shakti

·          What is the capital of Uganda – Kampala

·          Male is the capital of which country –  Republic of Maldives

·          Rakhal Lila is dance of which state – Assam

·          Indian institute of vegetable research is at – Varanasi

All shifts 05-04-2016

·          What is the national game of USA – Baseball

·          East Coast Railway is located at – Orissa

·          Anti Leprosy Day is observed on – January 30

·          Who is the father of White Revolution – Verghese Kurien

·          Most populous state in India as per 2011 census – Uttar Pradesh

·          Nagaland capital – Kohima

·          Euro is the currency of (Eurozone, UK, Sweden, Denmark) – Eurozone

·          Forest Area Percentage in India – 21.34

·          What is India’s literacy rate as per census 2011 -74.04%

·          City on the bank of Nile – Khartoum

·          The Biography of Indira Gandhi written by – Pupul Jayakar

·          Where is Tippu Sultan Masjid situated – Kolkata

·          What is the Capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli – Silvas

·          .National Sports Day – 29th August

·          Flag Code of India came into effect in which year – 2002

·          Who is the writer of the song Amor Sonar bangle – Rabindranath Tagore

·          India occupies how much percentage of world s geographical area – 2.42%

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