Ranvir Singh’s First Sex at 12 year old


Bollywood aggressive hero Ranvir Singh, he is recently grab the lack of hearts with his film Bajirao Masthani. The young star also the most ostentatious and straightforward star in the bollywood. The aggressive actor never skips words while speaking his mind. But now, the actor opened his sex and love life.


“No mainstream celebrity has ever promoted a condom brand, and I decided I should. So I called up Durex and told them I wanted to work with them.” Why Durex? Because it’s a brand he says he used first when he was 12. Who has sex with a 12-year-old, I wonder. “A 14-year-old,”

Ranvir Singh Said “I f****d around a lot till I was 26… but I love being in a relationship. It’s the best thing ever. My whole thought process has changed. My priorities have changed. My mind — set, my outlook, my world view — everything is changing. I must be growing up.”

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Ranveer also earned the rare distinction of being the first leading Bollywood male star to autograph a condom brand.

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