Puri Jagannath Sacked his team members


Tollywood Maverick director Puri Jagannath recently got hit with ‘Loafer’ movie. Now the director was busy with his upcoming flick ‘Rogue’.  Suddenly the director has sacked his entire team — nearly 25 staff members in a move that has sent shockwaves across the industry.




Puri says, I have sacked my entire team… from the office boy to everyone else who has been working here in my establishment. Most of them have been with me for years. That was the root of the problem.”

Puri says his team had become smug and irresponsible. “They stopped listening to my instructions. And they also stopped listening to one another. They were at loggerheads among themselves.”However the sacking was not overnight. “I warned them two years ago. Yes, that long back. I told them they were not functioning properly, that my work was suffering and that if they continue this way I’d have to get rid of all of them. But they didn’t listen to me. They continued to do their own thing. Finally on yesterday evening I told all of them to quit without further delay.”

The director said, Conflicting to belief Rogue is not suspended, “I’ve shot one song for Rogue. I now have to replace my team, all 20-25 people on it. Hopefully it won’t take long. In the meanwhile I am sitting in my office all alone.”

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