Poultry Farming-Subsidy, Benefits in Poultry Farming

“Poultry”, as we all know is one of the best and high on demand farming field in India. As Eggs and Meat are cheapest and cleanest source of Proteins and Vitamins. One whole egg has around 7 grams of protein and 2 grams of Branch Chained Amino Acids [BCAA]. It helps in muscle recovery and promotes protein synthesis in muscles. Meat, on the other hand, helps in building muscles.

Poultry Farming:

It’s a process of breeding domesticated birds such as Chicken, Ducks, Turkeys, geese for the purpose of farming meat and eggs for food. In India Chicken is most popular for farming, as it’s widely accepted in India. With no religious taboos like Pork and Beef. For centuries eggs are used as the important ingredient in breakfast with a huge majority. As Poultry Farming became the best business for entrepreneurs with less investment.

To make that happen a scheme is launched by National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development [NABARD] and Ministry of Micro and Small Enterprises [MSME], known as Poultry Venture Capital Fund Scheme [PVCFS]. The scheme was approved in Dec. 2004 and is been implemented through NABARD and the fund at large is revolving in Government of India [GOI] and NABARD respectively.

Assistance in Finance Department Under this Scheme:

•        25 % of outlay as back ended capital subsidy and 33% in the case of SC/ST and North-East states

•        In a simple term, 25% of your total investments will be adjusted as a back-end capital subsidy

•        40% of outlet should be avail on bank loan for the availability of subsidy

•        For loans over 1 lakh, entrepreneur should spend 10% of the total outlay

State Bank of India [SBI] provide Poultry loans for existing and new farmers for constructing poultry sheds, feed room and other equipment. The person should have some experience in poultry farming and land for constructing poultry sheds.

Agricultural Science/Engineering also helps us in this field. One of the best Universities to peruse in agriculture is Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar Delhi. Agricultural Engineering helps us with the design, construction, and improvement of farming equipment and machinery. With machines used in farms, farmers can save their time and money both. The quality and quantity of the product increase. With an increase in rate great quality products, profit increases.

Bachelors of Technology [B.Tech] in Biotechnology helps the poultry sector in a verity of ways. With technologies like reproduction, breeding value evolution, and DNA based. The improvement in both basic and applied science has immensely contributed to bio medicine. University which provides B.Tech in Biotechnology is Manipal University, Jaipur.

Who can apply:

•        Farmers with low financial status

•        Entrepreneurs to start with poultry business

•        NGOs

•        Other Private Limited Companies

As more and more companies are applying, there is a better option that it will also increase the employment ratio in our country. With hygienic meat reaching throughout urban and rural regions, we can assure a healthy and happy environment for us.

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