NTR,Balayya ‘s shocker on their competition


Tollywood Young Tiger NTR and Natasimha Balakrishna ready to fight it out on silver screen during sankranthi releasing their Naannaku Premato and Dictator. Apart from movies Nandamuri family heroes used to be jovial, entertaining and sharing good family relations. But all appeared to be a formerly with clashes wriggling between them. Industry experts said that their relation reached point of no return.NTR and Balakrishna responded in a shocking way on their competition on screen.




 Recently Balakrishna speaking at Dictator audio success celebration function said “No one is my competitor. I have starred in many films and I compete with myself with my films on silver screen” He didn’t speak about the competition between him and NTR but replied in a general manner.NTR meantime in an interview responded more specifically and he also resounded similar views.

NTR said “I fascinated from where these rumours transpire from. I chose not to respond as there is no substance in it. Top stars films releasing during sankranthi is a common phenomenon and nothing more should be interpreted. Did I or Balakrishna spoke about rivalry and so don’t put words in our mouth. There is also no truth that Dictator Filmmakers are threatening Naannaku Premato filmmakers and theatres are there for everywhere.”

NTR’s Naannaku Premato is releasing on Jan 13th and Balakrishna’s Dictator one day later on Jan 14th. Hope their clarifications will silence all the rumour mongers.

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