Nigeria: Suicide Bomb blasting in 2 cities, 48 innocent people were killed

1451360256_bomb-blast-nigeriaNigeria Suicide Bomb blasting : Two cities in northern Nigeria were attacked by suicide bomb and at least 48 people were killed in this bomb blasting. Where Boko Haram is waging a six-year campaign to create an Islamic state, officials and residents revealed this.

The second day after the attack army fought Boko Haram militants west of Maiduguri and birthplace of their insurgency in the northeast of Africa’s most populous country.

In Nigeria there was no spontaneous swear of responsibility but the blasts bore the symbol of the group, whose insurgency has killed thousands and dislocate some 2.1 million people in the region.


Here the first blast took place at a mosque in a Maiduguri suburb on Monday where the army had exchanged fire on Sunday with suspected Boko Haram fighters who it said had tried to slip into the town to carry out suicide bombings. In this attack near 20 people were killed and 91 seriously injured.

Local resident Musa Abdukadir, said he had counted more than 50 bodies in the hospital after the bomb blast. Medics had told him some more dead bodies had been brought to two other hospitals.

According to Victor Ezegwu, army commander inform that South of Borno in Madagali in Adamawa state two female suicide bombers blew themselves up at a crowded meat and fish market, killing many people. At least 30 people were wounded.

He gave no precise toll but Dauda John, a resident, said he had helped security agents load 28 bodies on two trucks.


An army counter-offensive earlier this year recaptured most of the territory Boko Haram had grabbed over the past few years. Boko Haram has since reverted to a strategy of hitting soft targets such as markets, bus stations and places of worship, as well as hit-and-run attacks on villages, mainly in Borno state.

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