NASA captured a massive landslide on Mars


NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbit has captured a huge land slide on Mars, showing a boulder-curved land slide along a canyon wall. The visual land slide was closely fresh as many individual boulders stood above the same deposit.


Furthermore, while more small impact craters are visible in the slope, they are small in size and some are surrounding valley floor. The scarp looks fresh compared to the rest of the part. The land slide was captured by the high resolution image science experiment camera on Mars Reconnaissance Orbit.

And the north landslide scrap is similarly shaped scar on the Cliffside, however there is no landslide material on the valley floor.


Here the Landslides occur when steep slopes fails, sending a mass of soil and rock to flow downhill, leaving behind a scrap at the top of the slope. And the mass of material comes to rest when it reaches shallower slopes, forming a lobe of material that ends in a well defined edge called a toe.

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