Meru Cabs’ Ride Share feature Launched in Delhi/NCR


Radio taxi operator Meru Cabs launched a ride-sharing feature in the capital city and NCR. Under this option, the customers will have a provision of sharing their cab with another co-passenger who intends to travel in the same direction.

The taxi company said that a fixed 30 percent discount on the estimated trip fare would be applicable for the customers who chose the “ride-share” option. Customers will be charged a fixed fare which will be communicated to them before booking. The company also said “ride-sharing” feature is launched keeping in view the issue of traffic congestion and escalating pollution in the national capital and its adjoining areas.


This ride-sharing announcement has come up a couple of days before the odd-even driving rule comes into force proposed by the Delhi government which is trying to control alarming high levels of pollution by restricting private cars on the road. Odd registration number vehicles will run on odd days and even-numbered ones can run only on even days from January 1 to 15 on a trial basis.

This new ride-share feature will be a permanent one and will continue even after 15 days of odd-even scheme trail in Delhi/NCR.

“Pollution and congestion are two major issues plaguing citizens of Delhi and the company believes that the situation can be resolved through collaborative efforts by the government and private taxi operators like Meru”, he added.

In the near future, the company has plans to roll out ride -share feature in other metros like Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Pune.

According to the CEO of Meru Cabs, if a customer has booked a cab under the ride-share feature and a co-passenger could not be located, the person will still get a 30 percent discount. Meru presently have a fleet of some 1,500 CNG-run vehicles in Delhi/NCR.


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