LG to Unveil New Dishwasher with Latest Features during CES 2016


LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its most advanced dishwasher ever at CES 2016. This model LDT8786ST comes with MultiMotion feature and TrueSteam technology for cleaning dishes more thoroughly while making annoying water spots a thing of the past.


LG’s proprietary TrueSteam technology blasts dishes with a high-temperature cloud of steam providing superior washing results with less water spots. TrueSteam is designed to practically melt away even the toughest food residue such as burnt cheese, bacon grease and dried egg yolk. Even lipstick and stubborn fingerprints on glassware also get washed-out for the power of gentle steam.

MultiMotion feature on the LG LDT8786ST uses an innovative wash arm to deliver quicker and more powerful wash cycles. This robotic cleaning arm combines a circular sweeping action with powerful bi-directional spin to shoot water in every direction for sparkling clean dishes despite shape and location. MultiMotion completes a full cycle in only 59 minute and saves time.

LG’s newest dishwasher is also equipped with LG’s EasyRack™ Plus, which boasts three tiers that can be configured in a number of ways. The dishwasher also comes equipped with Smart Diagnosis™ so customer service representatives can quickly troubleshoot mechanical issues remotely. In addition to traditional stainless steel, LG’s new dishwasher will also be available in black.


The President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, Seong-jin Jo said “We have gone to great lengths to develop a dishwasher that gives customers the peace of mind they expect from LG appliances”.

The New LG LDT8786ST dishwasher will be among those on display at LG’s booth during CES 2016.

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