Comedian Prabhas Srinu got equal call sheets with hero


One of the famous Comedian Prabhas Srinu has become the most successful due to unique dialogue delivery and speech. Prabhas Srinu plays crucial role in young hero Sharwanand’s next flick Express Raja which is released on Sankranthi. The comedian said that he taken nearly equal call sheets of hero Sharwanand. In the interview, Prabhas Srinu also revealed few fascinating facts about the movie.


Prabhas Srinu playing uncle role with the hero Sharwanand’s Express Raja got extensive screen time and it’s a very lengthy character. Sharwanand spent 46 days of call sheets for the film while Prabhas Srinu spent 43 days working with hero. “For those three extra days, they shot a romantic duet and so they didn’t call me,” Prabhas Srinu said it with a twinkle.

Prabhas Srinu role in the film is equally important as that of hero and every comedy scene or twist in the screenplay is attached with Prabhas Srinu. Apparently, this is second film for Merlapaka Gandhi after Venkatadri Express. As per the report, comedy episodes written on Sharwanand and Prabhas Srinu are going to be hilarious. We eagerly wait for all these scenes to engross on screen.


Express Raja is Sankranthi gift for viewers it is released on January 14th 2016.

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