Brahmanandam Shocking Comments on Jabardasth Show


Tollywood star comedian Brahmanandam currently moving slow with the movies. Now he has not got that much of offers compare to past. People are talked about Brahmi career is over and he is not adjusting in the upcoming movies. Actually Brahmi ruled approximately 30 years in industry and he occupies top comedian place in Telugu Film Industry. As per the latest updates, Brahamandam recently commented on Jabardasth show. These controversial comments are shocked everyone.


Brahmanandam commented on Jabardasth show scripts. “In the show contestants are using vulgar dialogues and they only approved as a joke. I am shocking with that vulgar dialogues created as jokes. But, in the earlier stages we also are using vulgar dialogues as jokes.” Brahmi Said.

Brahmanandam also revealed about his present career “Everyone was asking about my present career and everyone taught that my comedian career is over. But till now I have many offers in my hand. In the industry new comedians are created sensations all the people are said old comedians career are closed. If new comedians are come to the industry is not afraid with my comedian career and not retired now. I want to entertain the people up to maximum amount of years” he added.

Brahmanandam plays lead comedian movies in Trivikaram’s movie ‘Aa..Aaa’ and he simultaneously acting in the two more movies named as ‘Saradaa’ and ‘Mr.Lavangam’.

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