Brahamanandam Shocked By 30 years Industry Comedian Pruthvi Raj


Famous comedian Pruthvi Raj is now cloud nine. The comedian was renowned personality in front of telugu aufience with the dialogue fo 30 years industry. Pruthvi Raj got continuous offers from Telugu Film Industry.  He recently got a chance in Baahubali: The coclusion. Earlier Pruthvi acted in number of films but he don’t get this much offers.  In the massive performance of ‘Soukyam’ movie he got craze in the audience and movie lovers.



Recently Pruthvi Raj acted in Gopichand’s Soukyam movie and he played a spoof role of ‘Baahubali’. This comic role attracts every one even Filmmaker Rajamouli also. This filmmaker given a chance in Baahubali sequel and he narrated a role for Pruthvi Raj. Recently Pruthvi Raj loudly announced about his role in Baahubali, He plays a comic minister role in Baahubali and his role is in the movie displays upto 15 minutes.

With the great offer from Baahubali movie Pruthvi Raj is became a busy scheduled person now. He recently got some movie offers and Pruthvi Raj in the lead role. Some directors are already started some scripts for writing.  Producers are eagerly produces the film with Pruthvi Raj and one Producer confirmed the movie with this Comedian as a hero. Earlier this movie offers for Brahmandam but in recent days Brahmi craze is going to down fall. Lot of Young comedians are shows his own talent and proves himself.

As per the reports Prutvi Raj replaces with Brahmanandam in the upcoming movie. The filmmakers are changed little bit of script and it is changed to Pruthvi Raj. Indirectly Pruthvi Raj is given a big shock to Brahmanandam.

Let’s wait and see who ever occupies the Tollywood lead comedian position.

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