‘Bala Sir’ new nick name of Balayya


Tollywood aggressive actor Nandamuri Balakrishna, the name vibrates with ferociousness and angry man looks onscreen and often even off the screen. Balayya, but he has a kid at heart, can really become a harsh person if artefacts around him go wrong.


This makes those around Balayya to become extra attentive while dealing with him. However, most of the young beauties who are acting along with Balayya in his films are least afraid of him. Recently, actresses like Sonal Chauhan and Shraddha Das revealed that even though they were feared to interact with Balayya initially, but after few days they became good friends, thanks to Balayya for easily join with new pupil. He don’t follow any protocol manner.

According to off-screen these actresses, who are much younger than Balayya, are addressing him as ‘Bala Sir’. Even Balayya’s Dictator’s heroine Anjali is seen chilling out with Balayya in several public events. Earlier, those who are close to Balayya used to address him affectionate as Balayya Babu and some as Balayya Sir.


It is a greet change in Balayya, who, at the age of 55, is turning young by merge freely with the younger generation. This not only helps in creating a enjoying nature around Balayya but the Nandamuri hero will also win more hearts with his diffidence.

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