Aksahy Kumar’s Airlift Box Office Collections: Akshay Earned 50+ crore Profit


Action hero Akshay Kumar is currently in cloud nine. Akshay’s recent film Airlift is loudly roaring in front of screens now. The movie collected huge amount of collections in box office like domestic and overseas. The movie day it released onwards still grabs majority of collections. Still the movie continues its success and moves speed with collections. Airlift releasing on a high and doing better as the patriotic drive climaxed on Republic Day, making it an over Rs 100 crore movie.

For the mouth publish the movie got enormous craze and it stood in top position in 2016 released films. Numbers of adult comedy films are fights with Airlift but they are losing their winning chance because of Akshay Kuamr’s film. Bollywood industry decided Airlift movie is a commercial hit and it reaches in 100crore club.

Everyone is mainly focusing on Airlift total collections and movie actual budget and earning profits. Airlift was made on a budget of Rs 40 crore and has turned out pretty well for its makers, with an expected profit of approximately Rs 64.50 cr. Surely, Akshay Kumar has the golden touch.



While Airlift box office collections reached cloud heights, the question that arises is, how profitable has the venture been for Akshay Kumar? In fact, the actor who usually charges anywhere between Rs 30 to Rs 35 cr for a film slashed his remuneration to a meagre Rs 8 cr this time. But, he did take a lion’s share of the profits with his share of proceeds being a whopping 70% of overall income with the remaining 30% being split between the film’s producers viz. T Series and Abundantia Entertainment (Vikram Malhotra).

With this restructured remuneration model of Airlift, Akshay Kumar certainly hit the bull’s-eye as he walked away with approximately Rs 50+ cr in profit. Looking at these figures, we must say that this was certainly a smart move indeed.

Check out the Airlift box office collections table:

Airlift collections

     Amount (INR.cr)  Comments

  • Cost of Production  30.00   Note: Akshay kumar’s remuneration 8cr
  • Cost of Marketing(P&A)  10.00

Total Cost   40.00

  • India Theatrical box office 120.00   Anticipated
  • Distibutor’s Share(A)  54.00   Approximately
  • Overseas Box Office   45.00   Anticipated
  • Distibutor’s Share(B)  22.50   Approximately
  • Home,video,dgital , music rights(C)   8.00  Approximate
  • Satellite rights(D)   20.00  Anticiapted
  • Total recoveries(A+B+C+D)  104.50
  • Profit     64.50
  • Return on Investment   161.25%

Akshay kumar’s Airlift balance Sheet

    Amount(INR cr)   comments

  • Remuneration   8.00
  • Profit Sharing at 70%  45.15
  • Total    53.15

Akshay kumar earned more profit with the Airlift movie and every actor was focused on movie profits compare to remuneration.


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