Air Force Base in Punjab’s Pathankot attacked by terrorists and 2 terrorist killed


Panjab: Pathankot one of the Indian Air Force base was attacked by four terrorists on Saturday morning and two of the terrorists have been killed.


According to authorities around at 3:30 am the gunfire started at Air Force Base, and the terrorist used official car to launch the attack. The incident is being seen as connected to the hijacking of a police car a day ago. The gunfire is being heard from inside the air base and reports recommended the terrorists have been hold in a non-operational area of the facility, technical area where MiG 29 fighter aircraft and helicopters are kept is safe.

Authorities said that they call National Security Guard or the NSG and the helicopters have also dispatched to the area for assistance in operation. According to the intelligence reports they had alerted security forces of a possible terror attack late yesterday following which the security had been increased in the area.

The attack is being suspected to have been launched by the terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed who wanted to damage military assets in the area. Three terrorists equipped with grenades and AK-47s, opened fire in Dinanagar killing three civilians.


The terrorists were shot dead after a 12-hour long gunfire battle with the forces in which four policemen were also killed.

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